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Jakes Bagels and Deli Aurora Illinois


Good morning Gators!

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted but we’re back. This review is going to be short and sweet. Sadly Diane wasn’t with me on this visit. She had to work.

I normally wouldn’t review  a place that has essentially one main item but their star employee Natalie convinced me to do a review. I buckled so here it is.

I arrived at Jake’s at around 6:30 about an hour after they opened. I waited because I wanted to have some daylight to take pictures. The Fall and Winter months suck for the photography side of blogging. It’s often dark when I get to a place.  I took a couple of pics and went in.

Chicago Sun Times Anyone?


Natalie greeted me immediately. I told her I was there on business. Gator business. I told her to set me up with a Bagel sandwich, some bagel chunks, and some cream cheese samples. She grumbled a bit but made it happen.

The place is in an OLD building reminiscent of someones big unfinished basement. It’s kind of funky and retro like me. This is a relocation. They were on the East side of Aurora for 10 years and have been in their current spot for 8. I took a seat by a window and unpacked my camera gear.

Jake’s has the usual Bagels and Cream Cheese with the addition of cookies, muffins, and popcorn for some reason. They make a variety of lunchie type sandwiches. I didn’t try any of these. You’ll have to tell me how they are. Beverage wise they have an assortment of juices and a coffee bar. They also have a gas station style cappuccino machine. Ewe.

What is a New York style bagel you ask?

New York bagels are fermented overnight  which allows tasty yeasts to grow and create complex flavor compounds. They then poach the bagels before baking them. The poaching is what gives them a great chewy texture. Most of the bagels that you get in the chain places are more like big round puffy dinner rolls.

Natalie arrived with the grub.

This is Natalie



This is the Grub


I tasted the coffee. It was pretty mediocre but I have had worse   6    and no Splenda

I’ll start with the sandwich. Most of you know that I am not a fan of sandwiches or wraps for breakfast so keep that in mind when you read my commentary.

Bacon Egg and Cheese on an Egg Jalapeño Bagel.

The Egg was a fluffy and puffy egg disc. I’m pretty sure it was microwaved. It was scramble-esc with a fair amount of bacon mixed in. It was actually pretty tasty. It was moist, tender, and bacony. It could use a bit of salt and some sort of bread lube like Country Dijon mustard or mayo. The bagel was buttered and excellent. I would actually order this again   8   

Bagel Chunk Assortment and Cream Cheese
They have fantastic Bagels here. Right up there with Kaufman’s in Skokie.   9   My current favorites are the Egg and the Multigrain. I love Jakes’s Bagels. I get them toasted with Butter AND Cream Cheese. The Cream Cheeses are great overall.   9   
Here is a rundown on the ones that I sampled today. They have LOTS more.
Cinnamon Apple- One of my favorites along with the Blueberry   9   
Giardiniera- Although I am a big fan of the stuff, I didn’t think that it translated into a cream cheese flavor very well   7   
Pineapple Walnut- Pretty good   8
Chocolate Chip- Yummy   9   
Green Olive- Briny and salty and tasty   8   A new one for me.
Salsa- A bit of spicy heat. A good mix   9
OK Gators. That wraps it up. I’m out of Bagel talk. There isn’t much excitement for the average person.
I have been coming to Jakes fairly regularly since moving to Aurora and will continue. There really isn’t anything not to like about Jake’s Good Food Good Service. If you’ve never had a “real” bagel you’d better get over here.
As for me I’m off to my next adventure.
I never found a Sun Times by the way.
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