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Chuck’s Southern Comfort Cafe Darien Illinois

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Good Morning Gators!

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and we’re right on time. Chuck only serves breakfast 3 days. Friday Saturday and Sunday at 7. The rest of the time this converted banquet hall has regular restaurant hours serving an eclectic mix of Barbecue, Mexican, and Cajun food. I was a long time customer of Chuck’s original Burbank location when I was living in the South Burbs. Back in his earlier days I used to have regular conversations with Chuck just hanging out chit chatting. This was before his write ups and TV appearances. Im sure that he doesn’t have time for such things now. I just recently became aware of the Darien location and the fact that he is serving breakfast so this visit was a must. But I digress…

As per standard operating procedure Diane went inside to procure a table near a window and I grabbed my exterior and interior pictures. Chucks is like 2 restaurants in one. When you first walk in it’s like stepping into a sports bar. Walking further in is more like his other location. Cajun inspired Decor. The place is 1/2 carpeted which I hate. Restaurant carpet is like a Petrie Dish of bacteria. Yum. The music is light New Orleans inspired Cajun and the tables are decorated with dust catching silk flowers.

Our excellent server Venus brought Coffee and Menus. The Coffee was moderately strong had decent personality and was a good match for breakfast. 8 The menu was of reasonable size and wasn’t overwhelming. It was a decent mix of standards with a few specialty items. I had already checked the menu online and had a couple of things in mind. It didn’t take long to make our choices.

First Up

Huevos ala Frontera

Two sopes filled with refried black beans, poached eggs, poblano cream sauce, crumbled chorizo, diced tomatoes, tomato-chipotle rice

The Chipotle Cream sauce was smooth and delicious. 8 The Poached Eggs were near perfect. Just a tad under. 8 The Corn Cakes were tasty, corny and crispy. 8 The rice was well seasoned, had a touch of heat, and is pretty tasty which is unusual for your normal yellow rice. Overall this was a great start. I would come back for this. 9

2nd Up

Chuck’s Machacado

Scrambled eggs with smoked beef brisket, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, sides of tomato-chipotle rice, refried beans and tortillas

Chucks has a variety of Hot Sauces to choose from but alas no Valentina

The Brisket is Decent. Smoky but not overly. 7 The veggies were fresh. The Eggs were a little over for me but not hammered which scrambled eggs often are. The refried black beans were definitely above average. These are often tasteless. 8 More Yellow Rice. The supplied corn tortillas made for creating tacos. I am not a fan of breakfast tacos but with the addition of some hot sauce it made for a pretty delicious combination of flavors and textures. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. 8

Last but not least

Louisiana Sweet Potato Pancakes

Blended sweet potatoes with our flapjack mix

Your basic pancake Zhuzhed up. Quite good. Fluffy tender with a hint of spice. 8 This is yet another missed opportunity to upsell some real Maple Syrup. I would have gladly paid extra.

Well Gators that about wraps up our visit at Chucks and a good one it was. Im very happy to have re found him. If you see him ask him about the time he cut himself at a Marshall Fields Cooking Demo.

As for us we’re off on another adventure.