Hey Gator where is your favorite place?

Choosing favorites is complex. It’s a combination of food, plating, service, ambiance and attitude.

I can’t pick one favorite so here is a list of my TOP picks in no particular order. Check back for updates.

The Names of the restaurants are live links to their review

Chicago Locations

Son of a Butcher by WHISK Chicago

SOB review

Whisk Chicago

WHISK review

Lula Cafe Chicago

Lula review

m.henry Chicago

m. henry review

JAM Chicago

Jam review

Little Goat Diner Chicago

Little Goat Diner review

The Bongo Room Chicago (Wicker Park)

Bongo Room review



Suburban Spots

Solstice Restaurant Western Springs

Solstice Restaurant Review

Buttermilk Geneva

Buttermilk Naperville

Buttermilk Naperville Review

Jelly Cafe Mount Prospect

Jelly Cafe review