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I started this blog because I have a strange obsession with going out for breakfast that started when I was very young. I also am a really tough food critic. I did a little restaurant cooking when I was younger and owned a Coffeehouse for awhile (Geno Beano). I like to say that I have 59 years of breakfast eating experience.
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Gene (Geno) Avorio

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Hard at Work


Pikes Place Market Seattle
Pikes Place Market

My Defunct Coffeehouse
My Defunct Coffeehouse




Amy My Breakfast Buddy!
Amy My Breakfast Buddy!


Growing up in “the Region” at the border of Whiting, Indiana  and Chicago, Illinois,  there are lots of memories of going out to eat with my grandparents at local places like the now defunct Phil Schmidt’s, Vogel’ s, and other places. Even present day, my family loves to sit around the table finishing up a delicious hot breakfast while discussing the sweet curry and Swiss cheese melted into the scrambled eggs, or medium toasted sourdough toast slathered with butter and homemade blueberry jam. So you see….food has always been part of my life, not just eating, but shopping for fresh spices, picking up seasonal ripe veggies and fruits at the farmers market, or lastly  preparing a great meal  with friends and family,