OMG Brunch and Boutique Elmhurst

OMG WEBSITE Good Morning Gators! Yes you are correct. I DID review OMG before. They just did a major menu overhaul and invited me back for another taste. OMG is very cute. It has a style that defies description. it’s sort of 1970’s dark woodish. It is completely devoid of chicken related items   10 […]

Dove’s Luncheonette Chicago

Dove’s WEBSITE Thank You David for the recommendation!  WHISK Dove’s opens at 9. I normally open with good morning but 9 is almost afternoon. I hate to start on a negative note especially since my fans know I don’t really like to write anything negative. The place is small but more to my point it’s […]

Toast two Chicago

Toast two WEBSITE Good Morning Gators! Toast two doesn’t open until 8. That’s like the middle of the day! There were a few people waiting to get in. This is an unusual occurance for me. The place is really small and pretty much all of the seating is bench style. You know how much I hate […]

STAX Chicago Illinois

STAX WEBSITE My thanks to David Rodriguez from the famous  WHISK Chicago  for the suggestion. Good Morning Gators! Traffic was good. They opened on time. Parking was easy. A great start.   In We Go If you look carefully you can see my camera bag parked on “The Bench” under the window. Read the bench […]