Reviews of Breakfast and Brunch Restaurants

Gus’ Diner Rolling Meadows Illinois


Good Morning!

As you know I think 7am for a breakfast place is late. Gus’ opens at 7. I was there about 6:45 sitting in the Breakfast Mobile waiting for the opening bell. I witnessed something odd. at about 6:54 2 Elderly ladies got out of their car and walked into the dark restaurant. Hmmmm I thought to myself. are they open?

OK 6:56 the OPEN sign lights up. Off we go.

Gus' Diner Rolling Meadows Strip Mall Location

Gus’ Diner Rolling Meadows
Strip Mall Location

This is quite a bold statement Gusseses. We’ll see about that. You’re dealing with the infamous Geno Beano.

Gus' Diner Bold Coffee Claim

Gus’ Diner
Bold Coffee Claim

I opened the door and was met by The Duke and Marilyn Monroe

Gus' Diner Rolling Meadows Greeted by The Duke and Marilyn Monroe

Gus’ Diner Rolling Meadows
Greeted by The Duke and Marilyn Monroe

Continuing inside was like being transported back to the 50’s (Minus the Plastic Folding Chairs). It has a legit old school diner vibe. A lot of time the 50’s thing seems forced on you but I don’t feel that way here. No Carpet  10  No Music.  Sort of disconcerting.

Gus' Diner Rolling Meadows Interior A real 50's vibe minus the Plastic Folding Chairs

Gus’ Diner Rolling Meadows
Interior A 50’s vibe minus the Plastic Folding Chairs

A 40ish Tattoo’d Bikeresq guy spotted us and told us to sit anywhere. My usual window spot would have been in a folding chair so I took a spot in a booth. The photographic lighting sucked. I apologize in advance. We sat down and right away the gentleman that greeted us brought us Rock and Roll themed Menus and asked us if we wanted Coffee. You know my answer. Yes there was Splenda. Was the Coffee the best around? I cannot confirm nor deny this as I have not had all of the coffee around Gus’  COFFEE  6

As it turned out the Tattoo’d Bikeresq guy that greeted us and brought us menus and Coffee is Gus. He warmly introduced himself and shook our hands. I told Gus the purpose of my visit and asked him if there were any “must haves” on the menu. He told me that I  needed to have something with Skirt Steak and the Banana Bread French Toast was a favorite. Done and Done. I also ordered a Country Benedict so that I could try the Biscuits and Gravy.

First up Skirt Steak Skillet  (with pancakes)

I’m not really a Steak guy. My idea of a steak is a Dry Aged Rib Eye from Gene and Georgetti or Morton’s not a Skirt steak from a 50’s Diner

Gus' Diner Rolling Meadows Skirt Steak Skillet

Gus’ Diner Rolling Meadows
Skirt Steak Skillet

A BIG Surprise  8  It was way better than I expected. The Steak was tender and seasoned well. It had Hash Browns, Cheese, red and green bells, onions, and mushrooms.


Gus' Diner Rolling Meadows Pancakes

Gus’ Diner Rolling Meadows

Light Fluffy Slightly Sweet Decent  7 The syrup was the weak point which is normal. I never understand places that serve good cakes and sub par syrup.  Rant over

Next up The Southern Benedict

Every time that I order one of these the first thought that crosses my mind is that they never photograph well. The second thing is that the biscuit will probably not be good.

Gus' Diner Rolling Meadows Southern Benedict

Gus’ Diner Rolling Meadows
Southern Benedict

Eggs  8  Cooked Pretty close to the way I like them. Gravy  7  No raw flour taste. Smooth Creamy not overly salty. It had a slight citrus taste reminiscent of grapefruit.  7  The Biscuit was OK well toasted. Fairly light   7  The Sausage Patty was Chewy Porky Salty  7  Hash Browns Meh Standard Commercial Hash Browns.  7  Overall pretty tasty  High 7 Low 8

Last and least Banana Bread French Toast

Let’s just get it out of the way right now. You knew it was coming anyway… Alton Brown How to Make French Toast

Gus Banana Bread French Toast

The Banana bread is decent. It is not however french toast. French toast should be Silky and Soft and Custardy. This is grilled Banana Bread with Egg wash. I don’t know why I continue to order this. It’s pretty much the same everywhere. That doesn’t make it bad, just the same.  7

Gus is a Cool Cat. He hooked me up with a bottle of homemade hot sauce which was actually more like a fine salsa. It was hot as Hades. It was made with Ghost Peppers and it was delicious. It’s source was Hot Girls Hot Sauce  Inspired by an Adult Entertainer. An interesting Blog about hot Sauce. Check it out.

That’s about it. Take a drive to Rolling Meadows and stop in at Gus’. Most likely you will be warmly welcomed and treated like you’ve been a customer for years.


OK Breakfast Lovers That’s it for me. I’m off to my next adventure!BreakfastGator_Color_Logo_1R